3 Reasons Implement Mindfulness Approach for Students at Global Sevilla

Reasons Implement Mindfulness Approach for Students at Global Sevilla

When it comes to education, then the opportunity is probably filled with academic focus only. However, Global Sevilla is an international school Jakarta that does not only use a global standard curriculum for teaching. Moreover, the school combines a global curriculum with another program, namely the Mindfulness Approach. But why do they need to be used? Here’s the explanation.

Reasons Why Implement a Mindfulness Approach at Global Sevilla

Reasons Why Implement a Mindfulness Approach at Global Sevilla

1. Stress and Anxiety Levels Will Affect Student Achievement

Stress and pressure-wet conditions affect a person’s mental state. It can be from teachers, parents, friends, etc. who can make the situation worse. In addition, this condition will also affect student performance. In the end, students who study at school cannot absorb the material, cannot focus, and their thinking is disturbed. It will also affect the student’s emotions.

A child who does not have the skills to control his stress or anxiety may exhibit behavior that causes trouble at school. That is why mindfulness is implemented into the Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta learning program. It is mainly to help students in relieving their problems, giving peace of mind, reflecting on their stress, and good behavior to study properly.

2. Under Pressure Is One of Problem to Learn

Emotions are one of the factors that cause many problems for students. The easiest examples that are most often found among students are stress and anxiety. Many international schools simply come with a higher standard for their programs. Both the underlying curriculum used and the social program are also applied in this school.

A good mindset from the Mindfulness program can provide quality outcomes as well. This can attract students’ interest in learning for the better, even if it means they have to work on it every day. In this case, Global Sevilla tries to lift the burden of the problems of students who have difficulty with certain materials. Show students how to address problems in-class lessons.

3. Balancing Achievements

If the academic value obtained by students is good, it will give a sense of pleasure. Maybe that’s the perfect picture of applying a mindfulness approach to an international school in Jakarta. They want every student to have balanced teaching in academics and also to be a wise person. Besides being intelligent, students also have good attitudes, such as being empathetic, caring, and cheerful.

All in all, mindfulness plays an essential role in education. Students who are at Global Sevilla School can focus, overcome their stress and anxiety, become happier people, and finally get a balanced person who is excellent at achievement. It is also essential in managing their physiological condition to the next level of education.