International Curricula To Look At When Choosing International School in Jakarta

International Curricula To Look At When Choosing International School in Jakarta

Choosing the best education for their children will never be easy for every parent. To follow the world changes and movement, one should know the international standards. This is when curricula take a big part in education for international school in Jakarta. As a non-native English country, these three curricula help shape students for international participation.

Cambridge Curriculum

Probably known as one of the best curricula for international standardized schools, Cambridge should be one of the considerations when choosing an institution. It is especially true if parents wanted to provide a vast range of education that has been approved by worldwide professionals. It is also good to know that Cambridge has a lot of models and designs.

Most of the time, the school that runs Cambridge curricula will offer full schooling programs from nursery school to high school years (3 to 18 years old). The model itself ranges and changes based on the students’ needs. It started with the Cambridge Primary, IGCSE, AS, and A level when the pupils reach senior years.

Global Sevilla international school in Jakarta is one of the institutions that provide the said curricula. The institute also provides some examinations and tests to understand the students’ achievement and abilities in the following years. To gain more advancement, Global Sevilla also practices the Cambridge curriculum with other curricula.


IEYC (international early years curriculum) and IPC (international primary curriculum) are both made by Fieldwork education. The two curricula work the best for 2 – 10 years old students, which is 2-5 years old uses IEYC and IPC for primary students. Both of them emphasize the student’s development, skills, and attitudes.

At the same time, the curricula also envelop a range of subjects with its thematic approach. IEYC in particular meant to be a learning and teaching layout for the earliest years of life education. It plays an essential role in creating a fun and interactive time for students. It also focuses on six aspects of students’ development, from social, cognitive, to motor skills.

International school in Jakarta Global Sevilla also uses IPC as the secondary curriculum for the primary school level. The idea is to bring even vast and easy to adapt learning methods for students. It also focuses on the subject even in the cross-curricular themes. IPC also helps in personal development and form international understanding.

To cope with the ever-changing culture and globalization, one should follow the standard. In this case, international education offers vast reach that prepares pupils with the appropriate grounding. It helps them know the global average and demands, thus make them ready to join the international communities by studying abroad or gain more overseas job opportunities.